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SWIVL for Education


SWIVL is a video observation robot that connects to an iPad or smartphone and can rotate and tilt, ensuring it captures every interaction between students and their teacher.

Trainee teachers must review their own performance in class as part of their training, something which can be a bit difficult to do at the best of times.

Swivl greatly simplifies this task by providing trainee teachers with a video log of every class, enabling them to efficiently and effectively review their own performances and find any areas of concern that require improvement.

The Swivl robot is an innovative idea that could not only benefit trainee teachers but teachers in general, providing them with invaluable information they might miss during class e.g. which students are responding well to lessons, which are having trouble concentrating.

CATCHBOX for Education


CATCHBOX is the World’s First Throwable Microphone that increases classroom participation and student engagement.

• Increases Student Engagement

Catchbox ensures all students are actively thinking about the learning material. Increasing knowledge retention, develops critical thinking by encouraging students to formulate answers and arguments in case the box happens to land on them.

• Develops Communication Skills

Catchbox ensures everyone gets to participate in the discussion and simultaneously, develop their argumentation and communication skills. By amplifying sound and acting as a speaking totem, quiet students are also given a voice that isn’t drowned out by louder participants.

• Makes Learning Fun & Active

The playful nature of the colourful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood in class, making attendance fun as opposed to compulsory. The act of throwing and catching also adds physical activity to learning, creating a desired change of pace from just sitting.